What we are

The company was registered in 1954 with the prime objective of running a composite Textile Mill consisting of Spinning, Weaving and Processing operations. Despite the ups and downs in the textile industry the Company maintained its manufacturing operations with good results. In keeping with the changing business scenario, the Company reduced its dependence on its own manufacturing and started outsourcing its products. Backed by its business standing of over 50 years in the textile business and as a supplier of quality cotton textiles the Company was able to create a network of business partners who undertake the manufacturing activity under a process control system defined by the Company, whereby we are able to supply our products to the complete satisfaction of our customers. The flexibility it derived in outsourcing the manufacturing operations has helped it to enter the area of specialty fabrics and madeups with specific applications both for the domestic markets and exports. From its core business of textiles, the Company is leveraging its building assets in providing ware housing facility for business operating in Kerala and a humble beginning has been made in this regard. Despite the uncertainties in today’s ever changing business environment the company is able to make progress and achieved good operational results.