Familiarization programme for Independent Directors

Procedure for Familiarization Program for Independent Directors

This Procedure for Familiarization Program (“the Program”) for Independent Directors of The Western India Cottons Ltd. (“the Company”) has been adopted by the Board of Directors pursuant to provisions of the Listing Regulations.

1. Purpose

The Program aims to provide insights into the Company to enable the Independent Directors to understand its business in depth and contribute significantly to its business growth.

2. Familiarisation Process

2.1. The Company shall through its Chief Executive/Senior Managerial Personnel conduct presentations periodically to familiarize the Independent Directors with the business status, strategy and operations of the Company.
2.2. Such presentations should enable to provide an opportunity to the Independent Directors to interact with the senior leadership team of the Company and help them to understand the Company’s strategy, business model, operations, service and product profile, markets, organization structure, finance, human resources, technology, quality, facilities and risk management and such other areas as may arise from time to time.
2.3. The presentations shall also familiarize the Independent Directors with their roles, rights and responsibilities.
2.4. The Company may keep the Independent Directors informed of the news related to the industry on a regular basis and may provide specific regulatory updates from time to time.
2.5. The Company may conduct an introductory familiarization presentation by the Chief Executive and Senior level officers when a new Independent Director comes on the Board of the Company.

3. Disclosure of the Policy

This Policy shall be uploaded on the Company’s website for public information and a web link for the same shall also be provided in the Annual Report of the Company.

4. Review of the Program

The Board will review this Program and make revisions as may be required.